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I retired from fulltime volunteering as CRLA's ITTPC Coordinator in April 2015 and my wife and I are now in the the process of re-inventing ourselves and our lives as truly retired folks. We are in a retirement community and loving it. Meanwhile, I am still updating LSCHE (Learning Support Centers in Higher Education), a website I co-founded with Frank Christ in 1996. It is the OER (Open Education Resource) web portal focused on learning assistance support and its content supports CLADEA and its organizations and it is endorsed by them.

In February, 2015, I received my highest honor in my chosen field. I was inducted as a CLADEA fellow. According to CLADEA's Fellow foundation document: "A [CLADEA] Fellow represents the upper echelon of the practitioners, researchers, teachers, and administrators in the Learning Assistance and Developmental Education fields. He or she has made outstanding contributions, introducing innovative ideas and practices. A Fellow's contributions have been highly visible and shared with colleagues... and the person represents the highest level of performance as compared with recognized leaders in the field... is a person to whom colleagues turn for ideas and advice in respect to teaching, program development, evaluation, research, or theory."

I retired January 2010 as the director of the Learning Support Center at Paradise Valley Community College after working in the Maricopa College's in learning assistance, faculty training, and technology support for more than 27 years and at PVCC since it opened its doors in Fall 1987.

In 2009, I finished as Past President of a fantastic organization and was appointed as the Technology Coordinator (until I resigned in 2012) and the ITTPC Coordinator (International Tutor Program Certification) of the College Reading and Learning Associaion - CRLA. It has celebrated more than forty years of success, sharing best practices, research, and teaching tips with colleages and friends. I have been and am volunteering more than fulltime at present and thoroughly enjoying myself while providing a needed service.

If you have met me, you may remember me by my trademark--the hawaiian shirts I wear--often with a tie. The above graphic behind an older picture of me is one of my very first computer art pictures. This one is titled "Night Sky."

"No One of Us is as Smart as All of Us" (Anonymous), is a quote I live by. To live it means that decisions should be grounded in input and thoughtfulness from stakeholders (current and potential). The key to success is to build effective communication and synergy in solving problems and providing services.

In addition to my work with CRLA, I continued to work with Frank Christ as webmaster and co-founder of LSCHE (Learning Support Center in higher Education). It is a great resource for learning center directors, administrators, and faculty. Look under the "About" tab for some excellent background. The "RESOURCES" tab provides many, many exciting tidbits, insights, and links to explore. The "Calendar" tab lists many upcoming conferences and events of interest. The experience link above will give you more of my background and experience.

Learning Support Centers in Higher Education (LSCHE):
Co-founded by Frank Christ and Rick Sheets and now supported by the efforts of Alan Craig, Karen Agee,
Russ Hodges too. This web portal of resources related to Learning Support Centers has been a "Work in
Progress" as a resource for LSC professionals in post-secondary education since the 1996.

My published LAC-related research:

Sheets, R. A. (2012). A metacognitive approach to taking exams. In K. Agee & R. Hodges (Eds.), Handbook for training peer tutors and mentors (pp. 222-224). Mason, OH: Cengage Learning.

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My published Online Self-Help Resource for Students:

  1. Sheets, R.A. (2006). Learning Your Way. A website presents a repertoire of success strategies grounded in research grounded in learning theory, metacognition, and learning preferences. As you read and try various strategies, assess what works well for you.

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